PowerGateIII Flash tool SLAVE version


Personal OBD FLASH tool (CARS)


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OBDII Programmer for a single car Slave Version.

Powergate3+ is the portable and touchscreen Personal OBD Programmer which will allow you to program the ECU of  your vehicles in complete autonomy, using our preloaded modified maps.


  • Direct connection to the vehicle through OBD port.
  • On the Powergate3+ that you receive, you’ll be able to store up to 5 different stages, in addition to the Original File of the vehicle.
  • We sell Powergate3+ to any customer, even the ones miles away from us.
  • You will be able to independently select and upload maps on your vehicle.
  • Thanks to the Original File stored in the Powergate3+, the ECU can be restored to factory settings by you at any time.
  • Poweragate3+ reads possible errors with DTC codes, enabling you to erase them.



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