When we remap your ECU we are fine-tuning the program that deals with engine performance and management. As well as producing greater power and torque we also deal with drivability problems at lower rev ranges such as flat spots, turbo lag and hesitation issues giving the engine more initial torque making a more responsive and enjoyable drive.

Neither two cars are the same so neither two cars will have the same result, we will give you the most BHP that we can give you safely but as a guide you can expect to get an increase in the results of:

Non-turbo petrol or diesel -10-15%

Turbo petrol – 20-30%

Turbo Diesel – 20-40%

The simple answer to this is NO.

We always make custom maps for your vehicles and never a thought of damaging engines for the sake of faulty cheap software or generic cheap files.

This is liable on your dealer’s policy, but the work carried out by us is undetectable by the main dealers as all software data does automatically get changed over with our custom files.

Not at all as we can offer a mobile service to most areas nationwide, depending what vehicle you have as we have dealer remapping technicians that may cover your destination.

We give a lifetime warranty on any hardware or software we install in your vehicle.

Yes, we can remap your car to your specific driving style or needs, whether it be more torque for towing, more power for off-road use or you just want more MPG then we can help, we can also provide the DPF and EGR solution service.

To complete the ECU Remapping process this should take no more than 1 hour for remapping through the diagnostic port, but it is usually much less but please allow up to 1 hour, if your car requires the ECU to be removed then please allow up to 2 hours Plus.

Mileage does not make no difference as your car will still benefit from a custom ECU Remapping session in safe perimeters.

Yes, just inform us and we then can aim our very best to provide results to suit your required modification needs.

If driven in a sensible manner you will benefit by an increase of up to 15% in your MPG, if you are going to use the power more often and drive the car faster therefore your consumption will drop in any circumstances.

Yes, it is totally reversible and if at any time for any reason that you would like your car returning to its standard settings we can do this for you as we keep a copy of your original file on our secure database which is a million pounds backed up.

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