Alientech Kess 3 Slave Car / LCV Boot / Bench Protocols


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Alientech Kess 3 Slave Car / LCV Boot / Bench Protocols KESS3SA005

Alientech Kess3 Slave Car / LCV Boot / Bench Protocols. This Alientech Kess3 slave tuning activation package is for boot/bench tuning of car, van and pick-up tuning applications. Hence, it is specifically for car and light commercial tuning direct to the ECU. And this is not through the OBD port.

The Alientech Kess3 tuning tool slave car bench tuning protocols can be activated as a single “car” group. And in addition, further Kess3  protocols groups can be added to the same Kess3 unit.  By adding additional groups, your tuning tool coverage can of course be significantly increased. But you have the choice to add additional groups as and when they become of interest to you. This includes both OBD and Bench/boot protocols.

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Alientech kess3 hardware can be purchased here if you have not added to your cart  already!

Please note if you would like to purchase these protocols, you will need to purchase the KESS3 hardware.

Note: These 10 Free credits are only available if the slave is linked to the Master version of Pro Remaps & Tuning.