ECU Repair

We are pleased to let all customers know that we are able to clone ECU’s if they have suffered from damage.

We can remove the software from the original ECU and transfer all data to the donor ECU for the cloning process. The main advantage of what this can do is SAVE you £100’s due to a new ECU will cost you an exceeding amount.

At Pro Remaps we aim to keep all prices reasonable and also offer a pay monthly plan to help all our customers save their money!

Benefits Of ECU Repair

ECU Tested, Repaired & Returned

In just 48 hours, we can fully test, repair and return your ECU, so that it performs to OE specification. It saves you time, money, ensures vehicle originality and creates a great profit opportunity for you! 

For further information don’t hesitate to Contact us.

We will surely explain how and why you should achieve the best experience today.

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Did you know Pro Remaps not only tunes cars to the public, but we also work closely with dealers to supply them with customised tuning and remap files.

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