The new addition to our remapping business is our 2wd Dyno sourced by

Our JDM Dyno / Rolling Road is capable of supporting speeds up to 175 MPH and 1200 ft lbs of torque. 

Our JDM Dyno also supports selected 4WD vehicles.

How does it work?

First, your vehicle is strapped down to our floor Dyno, test runs are done to ensure your vehicle is secure. The technician sets up the rpm to your vehicle, 3 stock runs are performed which will show the current power and torque on your vehicle. We will also monitor the vehicles air and fuel ratios. A Pro Remaps customised map will be applied to your vehicle. The technician will perform another 3 runs, this will show the vehicles increased power and torque. Lastly you will be given a printout of your results. 

Benefits Of Your Dyno & Custom Remap

Check out some vehicles tuned on our Dyno

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