We keep all our prices reasonable.
All ECU Remapping carried out at our workshop which does not require the ECU being removed is only £100-£220.

Prices may differ if your wanting optional extras.

Mobile remapping includes £0.50p a mile depending on your destination.

We cover various areas in the UK.
Please take note there would be an extra £50 for any vehicle that requires the ECU being removed to carry out any sort of remapping.

All prices and quotes are fully inclusive with nothing more to pay.

Majority of the remaps that we provide have been developed and tested on a dyno previous or our software providers them self’s. Either way all tuning will always be in safe perimeters.

Other services that we offer are, DPF Solutions, EGR Removal,
Speed limiter removal, ECU cloning, Diagnostic fault finding, hardcut limiters, pops & bangs, launch control and many more to offer.

please get in contact for a quote today regarding your vehicle and what it could achieve.

ECU Remap

at our workshop
£ 100-220
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Fully Developed and Tested
  • Additional Extras Available

For further information don’t hesitate to Contact us.

We will surely explain how and why you should achieve the best experience today.