MERCEDES-BENZ GL-CLASS X164 (2007-2012) 450 4.7 V8 335HP (250KW) 460NM

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Car Remap For Mercedes-Benz GL-Class X164 (2007-2012) 450 4.7 V8 335hp (250kW) 460Nm - Are you looking to increase the power of your Mercedes-Benz GL-Class? Pro Remaps can help you increase your BHP by 17 giving your Mercedes-Benz GL-Class a total BHP of 352! - What About The Mercedes-Benz GL-Class 450 4.7 Torque? - I'm glad you asked! Pro Remaps will remap the torque giving you amazing results, taking the original torque from: 460 and increasing this to: 485 giving you a 25 Torque increase

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